About Tim Collins

Being raised on a ranch on the Wyoming/Colorado border influenced my approach to life, art and the appreciation of ranch-life, animals, wildlife and wildlife habitat. I was introduced to the abstract world of art while attending the University of Wyoming in the late 1950’s. Blending the realism of the natural world and the introspection of abstraction and all the “ism’s” of art at the time seemed natural.

I spent 39 years teaching my hobby in the Laramie High School Art Department. I have taught art classes on a part-time basis for Central Wyoming College and Laramie Community College. For the past 31 years I have spent a week each year at a watercolor workshop in Taos, New Mexico painting and exchanging ideas with fellow artists from across the United States.

My retirement in 2000 gives me the opportunity to paint full-time for galleries and shows in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska. I continue to hone my skills as an observer and painter while teaching and demonstrating to adults, attending and participation in workshops and shows, serving as a juror/judge and painting for display in various galleries throughout the surrounding region. My work can be found in collections across the United States, Europe and Canada.